Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rebecca Minkoff day-after-Xmas sale

Having learned their lesson from the Black Friday fiasco (also known as the Rebecca Minkoff total-server-meltdown), I am fairly confident they are ready to fight this battle. They did mention last time how bad they felt about the situation and promised to make it up to us. Let us be the judge of such promises ;)

Starting at the stroke of midnight, Rebecca Minkoff will be putting lots and lots of bags on sale! It should be a lot of frenetic online shopping fun. Shipping will also be free.

Important things to note:
- All sales are totally and completely final. No cancellations, returns, exchanges.
- Morning After Bags (and the minis) do not have shoulder straps unless specifically noted.
- No phone or email orders.
- All items will be shipped by (but may not ship until) Friday, Jan 8.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12/24/2009

    You're confident the issues will be resolved? Because I'm not. Not only did the server crash black Friday, but also during the flash sale a month before. After the flash sale fiasco they "promised" to resolve the issues. And nothing changed. Between this, the sample sale hoarding mania and fake VIP shopping day, I am so over Rebecca Minkoff bags and the overpriced "sales".


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