Thursday, December 3, 2009

Scouting report: Tiffany & Co.

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to mosey on over to Tiffany & Co and leisurely peruse their very lovely, very sparkly offerings. No, T&Co never has sales, but I saw a few things that I think are a very good value. Although I can't get a discount on most of the jewelry I want in life, I just try to get the most for my money and many things factor in: uniqueness in design, quality of craftsmanship and raw materials, brand equity (of course!), and how long I think I'll love it.

The first thing that caught my eye was a porcelain jewelry box/dish. Personally, I think that Tiffany china and crystal is a very well priced when compared to its peers (and I'm not talking about Waterford!). I lust for Baccarat, Christofle, Lalique... but you can't buy $400 candy bowls all the time, so T&Co is a really decent option. (My pets actually drink water out of the huge punch-bowl sized Atlas bowl.)

The Fifth Avenue Box, recently introduced this season, is SO adorable. I appreciate the subtlety. I will never be as big of a fan of the blue box as Toni Braxton (I'm not even sure the CEO is) and I'm not too keen on the look-at-me ceramic blue box. But this, this I love! And it's only $95!
I want to also take a minute to acknowledge the marvel that is the Tiffany marketing engine. They are geniuses. I grew up dreaming of their signature engagement ring. I absolutely had the heart charm bracelet. Celebration rings? I'm totally behind those.
The new key motif appeals to me (of course), and I can think of a million fun ways to present them as gift. For instance, imagine this scenario: "Oh Merry Christmas honey! Here's a hint to your present" and then I unwrap a rose gold key necklace only to be led out to my new BMW...

There are a number of options for metal, size, and number of diamond embellishments, but the keys in this photo are $175 (silver) and $250 (18k gold) not including the chain.

The last thing I want to mention was what I considered the pièce de résistance. This necklace literally had my heart beating a little faster. A new addition from Paloma Picasso, this huge chain-link necklace is actually made of mesh links. What this means: it's shiny, flexible, and super LIGHT. The toggle can be hidden behind your neck too, which gives it an edgier look (I mean, hello, you're wearing chains!). It's not cheap at $850, but I must say the amount of raw material and detail in fabrication makes it a good deal in my eyes. I love the black palladium (gunmetal) version-- it matches my new Chanel perfectly ;) (and won't tarnish!)


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  2. Depending on what level of item you're looking for... you absolutely can haggle for jewelry @ Tiffany's. It's never ever publicly said, but if it's a higher priced item, they will work with you.

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