Monday, September 29, 2008

Anya Hindmarch for Target pre-pre-sale

Every time I leave the city, I always make a trip to Target. It is, improbably, the one thing I miss most from my suburban life (the second is owning a car). I am a big fan of the clothing collaborations, but I have yet to see a handbag collection that doesn't look just not quite good enough to carry. The Gryson line sucked, Botkier was so-so, but I'm anxious and optimistic about Anya Hindmarch's new line. (I am still sad I was out of town the weekend of the Bullseye Bodegas.)

Starting today, email subscribers (that's me and you) can view and purchase bags from the the
Anya Hindmarch collection for Target. The public pre-sale runs from Oct. 8th through Oct. 14th, and then I guess after that will be the in-store Target shoppers. Talk about end of the line! NOTE: Everything is 'out-of-stock' already so check back in a few days. And I just got this email 15 minutes ago!!

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