Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hermès sample sale report from

I debated long and hard whether I wanted to do the Hermes sample sale. With all the marketing/buzz going on about it, I knew there would be an inevitable 2hr+ wait to get in. I decided to let the professionals tough it out which was probably smart thinking because it took them THREE hours to get in (but when they did, it was glorious). Reading the comments of the lucky souls who made it in, it seems like they are continuously restocking. Good to know-- guess I may drop by after all! This particular line item caught my eye:
"For non-equestrians, there are dog coats for $140."
I wonder if there will be any left by late today?

And on a more personal and totally-non-topical note, the main reason I skipped the sale: my newly acquired ragdoll kitten, Meekus, cuddled in my lap.

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