Wednesday, September 17, 2008

BCBG fall sale

Three weekends ago, when it was pouring cats and dogs in the city, I had to make a run to the Container Store to get some things before our guests arrived. Bed Bath and Beyond being across the street, I ran in for some new dishwashing gloves. Normally I would not go into the TJ Maxx upstairs, but no one was out shopping so I mosey-ed on up to see what I could see. I went home with a Velvet shirtdress, Max Studio cardigan, and BCBG sweater.

BCBG is a fabulous choice for staples, and for less than retail, it's even better. Stock up on sweaters at their Fall Sale. (The TJ Maxx selection was really slim) What is actually on sale and what is not is very badly marked-- I noticed the promotional items are on the last page / at the end of the available selections of the regular priced clothing. If the promotion applies, it will say on the product description page.

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