Monday, May 3, 2010

$45 eyelash extensions from TheDealist

Today's NYC deal at is pretty fun: $45 eyelash extensions from JJ Permanent Makeup salon. Regularly priced at $90, each falsie is placed one by one on top of your real eyelashes, and the effect lasts 6-8 weeks (the normal lifetime of an eyelash before it falls out). Learn more about their procedure.

You can only get 2 of today's deal for yourself, but you can give them as gifts.

There is also a second available deal if you are one of the more brave: $199 eyebrow tattooing (regularly $300).


  1. Anonymous5/03/2010

    Did you ever try the eye lash extensions??

  2. No! I haven't because I've always been skeptical that it's worth the money -- normally they are $180 to do the first time around, and then every month you'll have to do a refill, and that could turn into a very expensive habit!

    However, I am in two weddings next March, so I am definitely going to buy at least 1 of these packages. On occasion I wear fake eyelashes anyway! (I have Shu Uemura ones, but for more natural ones which are WAY CHEAPER go to www.MadameMadeline. My favs are Ardell Invisiband Babies and Fairies. They add a lot without being very noticeable and over-the-top.)


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