Sunday, May 9, 2010 offering 10 Euro int'l shipping

I've always liked looking at the sale stuff on, but the 45 Euro shipping was always too much for me to bear! Although, to be fair, it is 2-day international via DHL, but I'd rather just order from YOOX or theOutnet! (Both of which are free shipping, by the way. No code for YOOX, but use "FreeShipBday" for theOutnet.)

Well, until Tuesday, May 11 MyTheresa is offering 10 Euro international shipping, which comes out to about $12.75. Not bad, so I pulled the trigger on some YSL boots which were marked down to $372 :D Not to be insensitive, but I am really celebrating the fact that the Euro is coming down!!! Now I can finally take a vacation to Europe!

But, I found out after-the-fact (after some internet research), that I should expect to pay customs via DHL, which could be anywhere between 14-18%. Boo! Adding another potential $66 would make it less of a deal, but they are so cute, no?

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