Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Vivienne Tam sample sale report

Girls who love Vivienne Tam -- you must go to this sample sale. And if you are a sample size (size 0-4) or her equivalent sizes 0 or 1, you MUST go!

The sale is 75% samples and 25% overstock with some shoes and totes as well. As my new year's resolution, I've lost 15 pounds and NONE of my clothes fit anymore. This is both good news and bad. Good because I can wear size 27 jeans, but bad because I've amassed this huge designer closet of size 6 clothing that I can't wear anymore!!

SO, with great relish I attacked the racks and racks of samples! Lots of dresses, some tops, and some little jackets, all priced between $40-90. It's not super organized, so you'll have to do some searching.

I scored a gorgeous black fitted dress with white embroidery (which I think I'll wear to my boss' wedding) for $85 ('retail' $400) and a white cotton day dress for $60 ('retail' $375). I also got a little black shrug/jacket for $70 ('retail' $275). I say 'retail' because although they are priced out on the tags, obviously they were never on the showroom floor.

The samples are all high quality-- finished zippers, clean seams, no tears. Some of them do have stains, so you'll have to be careful. And since they are samples, there are very few pieces of each item. The woman at the counter let me know that they WILL be restocking the samples, although not the overstock.

The overstock includes tops, dresses, pants, and coats all priced between $75-180. There were some really gorgeous dupioni silk dresses that sold on the high end ($180) and cotton fabric day dresses and ruffle-y dresses that sold for less ($120-160). Overall a fabulous place to go for dresses!! The tops were ruffled or embellished and still around the $70-80 mark.

They all have Vivienne Tam labels sewn in, but they will cut the price tags off when you check-out. There is no dressing room, so be prepared to strip down! It wasn't very crowded when I went during the lunch boom, and there are a lot of Asian women there working who will help you zip up and tell you if it's too tight.

Other than clothing there is a small selection of summer sandals (mostly chunky heels) for $70 and floral totes for $70.

No sales tax on items under $110 and they take credit card. As I mentioned, they are restocking samples, so I am definitely thinking of a return trip! Friday is the last day, and for that I was told they usually discount 20% off your purchase of $500+.

A 1.5hr lunch break well worth it!!


  1. Anonymous5/05/2010

    Cute dresses! I am totally heading over there!!

  2. Any chance you'll put all of those size 6's on ebay for us to take a crack at?

  3. That white dress is too cute, thanks for posting this review up!

  4. Anonymous5/06/2010

    I agree with Perry, that white dress does look very cute.


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