Thursday, May 6, 2010

Montblanc sample sale

Ending today is Montblanc's 2-day "Friends & Family" sale on watches, jewelry, small leather goods, pens, etc. I personally find Montblanc jewelry to be quite beautiful, although the leather wrap bracelet I got is huge. Maybe a necklace next time then. Prices will be up to 75% off. Good ideas for graduation gifts? A pen is certainly something to give your accomplished scholar. The Roosevelt Hotel is just so sh*tty though...

What: Montblanc F&F sale
When: Wednesday, May 5 - Thursday, May 6; 8:30AM-5:30PM
Where: Vanderbilt Suite @ the Roosevelt Hotel, 45 E 45th St (@ Madison Ave)


  1. Anonymous5/06/2010

    Went yesterday and got an awesome deal on a platinum pen. Retail for 990 and got it for a steal for $248!!

  2. Ok i was there noon time and it was second day of sale (or last, see as you like) goodies were long gone but still nice gifts ideas and good prices. I got a marlene dietrich paintball pen for 140$ original 565$ or something, and a cute ring for 116$ retail price 465 or something...there were no watches (just a few), few jewelry, 4/5 small purses and lots of pens..i think it was very worthy to go..i almost got a pen pouch for 25$ but then i felt little stupid and i left it there...cmon do i really need a pen pouch? i still cant find my beautiful tiffany pen which i got as a gift(im sure is in one of my purse over there in my closet..) so why on earth should i get a pen pouch for my new pen which is probably end up in the same place as the other one...girls sample sales are dangerous because at the end they want you to spend more than you intend to! be carefull and shop wisely .

  3. That's so awesome, girls! I went right before closing today to try and get a couple of graduation gifts, and it was cleaned out!!! I walked away with a Chopin fountain pen gift set for $126 (retail ~$500), a Boheme mechanical pencil for $98 (retail $390), and for myself I DID get the $25 pen pouch! (Riri, your comment made me laugh!!!) I got it for traveling with jewelry-- I think that looping my necklaces through the pen holes will keep them from tangling. But yes, there was DEFINITELY the trap of loading up on cheap agendas and calendars and leather post-it holders just because they were so cheap!

    The staff said that ballpoints and rollerballs were sold out within an hour of opening first day, so next year (it's annual), I will DEFINITELY be there bright and early! :)

  4. aw shuckaroos. i almost went, but lazed out. Pens make the best gifts for ppl-you-don't-know-really-well-but-must-gift-things-to-anyway.

    Next year!


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