Monday, May 3, 2010

Rebecca Minkoff sample sale

If you are a Rebecca Minkoff fan, you'll be happy that there is no 'VIP preview' to this one (well, at least that I know of). First come first served! No details on selection and price points.

What: Rebecca Minkoff sample sale
When: Wednesday, May 12 - Sunday, May 16; W-S 10AM-7PM, Su 11AM-5PM
Where: 155 5th Ave (btw 21/22nd St)


  1. Anonymous5/04/2010

    Actually they just send out emails to fans that there is a VIP preview on Tuesday... I'm going for sure. Will give you a update on selection and price points.

  2. This is starting to get ridiculous. By the end of next week, I will have nothing in my bank account.

  3. Anonymous5/06/2010

    Agree with Perry. There is so many good samples sales coming up, it's hard to resist. Maybe if you restrain yourself to go to one or two only then your bank account will be safe. =)

  4. But every time I go to a sample sale to even 'get a report' I always end up buying something! Hahaha, owning this blog is a net negative on my wallet for sure!!!

  5. Ha! I try but you get into that wild woman state of mind in a sample sale atmosphere until you realize you have 5 bags on each arm.

  6. Ain't that the truth!


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