Monday, May 3, 2010

Caviar on

So strange. Caviar on sale at My hubby, the caviar nerd, tells me the best deal (based on breed of fish) is the $198 Farmed Russian Osetra and spoon set, then the $795 Classic Iranian Osetra set (but then you're committed to a set), and last the $98 2 oz California Farmed Classic.

He says DON'T get the $400 Domestic Farmed and Imported Wild Caviar set because Gilt has (deliberately, perhaps), cropped the photo so you cannot really see what fish the 'wild' caviar comes from, or even what country -- it may not be worth $300.

FYI - the Russian Osetra is a Russian breed of fish, but farmed in Israel, and incidentally this is what they serve us at Per Se.

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