Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Secret Christian Louboutin sample sale

Update: So I wasn't able to secure a spot on the hallowed guest list. However, from all the reports, I'm not totally bummed. Yes, shoes start at $100, but the "good stuff", I've been told, ranges from $250-325. Honestly, I would rather buy CLs on sale for $400 and not deal with the waiting in line for 2-3 hrs. I'm more disappointed that CL doesn't take the 'sample sale' spirit to heart and make the prices a bit lower. I much prefer the Manolo sale! However, if you are dying for some CLs on sale (~40% off), you should check your local boutiques, Nordstroms,, or Shoe In (if you're in Vegas). Or keep holding out for the summer sales that are coming!

Update: So the internets have been flooded with details on where it is (306 W 38th St [btw 8th/9th Ave]), and I have managed to find the email address to RSVP. However, today and tomorrow are strictly guestlist only, and we unprivileged public folk *may* be able to secure a place on the list starting Wednesday. (Oh yes, my dears, this sale runs through Thursday) No sense bombarding CL with emails just yet-- I promise to give it a shot Wednesday bright and early and post back the results! (and possibly unleash the fury that is CL-crazed shoppers upon them)

Alas, I have no information on this other than it is happening today. I would suggest everyone ring up their industry friends to beg and be their "+1". If anyone wants to share an invite with me, I'm available! :P

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