Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mavi denim 80% off

Do you mentally associate some brands with people? Maybe Escada reminds you of your rich old aunt or Chanel or St. John triggers memories of your grandma... Mavi jeans remind me of a boy I dated when I first moved to NYC. I have to admit, when I moved here, I was overwhelmed. Boys are just so much more accessible in TX. After all attempts at looking cute at a bar ended up with sleazy 30-something egomaniacs talking at me, I resorted to... lavalife (hey, it was big at the time). I'm not proud, but I did meet D, this wonderful, sweet, cute, honest former-high-school-wrestler from Madison, WI. Our time was brief-- we only went on 3 dates (I stopped taking his calls b/c he was Catholic and wanted kids-- it would have gone nowhere). Sorry D, but at least I remember your favorite jeans.


5/10 Mavi jeans are 80 percent off. Styles that were $78 to $118 are now as low as $20. Mavi New York, 832 Broadway, nr. 12th St. (917-289-0520); 10–5.

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