Thursday, May 21, 2009

Stila 40% off + free shipping

I am constantly wondering if Stila is going under. All their online 'warehouse sales' (at Maybelline prices), Costco sets, and my friend from Malaysia telling me that Stila has stopped Asian operations/distributions has me worried. I love Stila! Their lip glazes, long-wear lip color, and lip glaze sticks are pretty much all I wear, aside from colored chapstick (Tarte). The color push-up is the only way I can get blush on my face without looking like I'm in a music video from the '80s. In other words, my world would be a cold and dark place without Stila.

The current promo, which runs through Wednesday, June 17, does not quell my fears (although I will use it to stock up for armageddon). Use code "STILAPRO" and take 40% off your purchase and get free shipping when shopping online at

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