Friday, May 29, 2009

I (heart) N.Y.

On my way home from work, I experienced a truly New York moment. When getting on the subway, I took an empty seat next to an older Hispanic gentleman that looked rather harmless-- he definitely had the 'fun grandpa'/'jovial uncle' aura about him. Ha. About 2 stops after I got on, he started muttering to himself, which really brought back memories of Fury, the book by Salman Rushdie which actually haunted me for many months. The man started softly and riled himself up til he was a very audible cursing machine. Interspersed with his favorite choice four-letter words were "Obama" "hope" "Clinton" and some Spanish I failed to catch. Apparently this guy does not appreciate our new government leaders, oh, and he was stinking drunk. He started ranting to no one about his opinions to the point of harassing the people nearby. Then the other older gentleman across from him, a lean no-nonsense New-Yorker-for-life type started yelling back at him. "Shut up! I'm trying to read my newspaper! You make no sense!" and so on. It was hilarious. This other guy was like Will Ferrell and Larry David mashed together. I try not to physically laugh as I play Marbles on my phone, and people start migrating to the ends of the train, away from the yelling men, but close enough to hear. Alas, I had to get off before this novela came to its dramatic conclusion, but once I stepped out of that train, fellow passengers and I giggled our heads off. I love New York.

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