Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hush jewelry sample sale report

I attended the private screening of the Hush Insider Jewelry Sale, and I must say, if you are in the market for bling, you must go. Diamond necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are about 50% off retail, which is not bad considering the brands there. The average price for earrings was $1600-2000 (from $2500-3000), and I saw many a diamond pendant (pave design), diamond rings, and plenty of semi-precious stones. This is a great place for very expensive showy jewelry (not so much engagement rings or the like, although I did spot a few diamond wedding bands). There is a row of mostly mens watches as well, if you are in the market.

There are 2 rooms, one which looks like brand new jewelry, and the other which seems to me like resell/estate jewelry (although some of the sales associates said it was new). I was skeptical due to the mish-mash of things there, but some of the pieces in here are quite impressive, including a diamond Chanel watch (which I have to assume is re-sell), and there were some hefty retail price tags on big baubles (which will probably cost half that or less).

There is also unpolished crystal sculpture/decor as well as home trinkets made of enamel and rhinestones or sterling silver.

Some of the highlights of my excursion:
- Thin blue chalcedony diamond cable bracelet, $490 (~50% off)
- Diamond tennis bracelet, $5500
- HUGE Burmese ruby (not heat treated) ring by a very famous jeweler, price unknown
- Gorgeous floral pave diamond rings and necklaces
- Ornate rhinestone clutches, $2000-5000 (60% off)

See my original post, with all the details, here. Obviously I have not given out any of the brand names, per the shroud of secrecy required. But if you have something in mind you want, just email me and I'll tell you what I know :)

Note: Entrance is on 59th St. and there is a bag check.

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