Thursday, July 15, 2010

Banana Republic 30% off pants

Update: Question to girls who wear BR pants/trousers:

How much do they stretch?

Sorry I am co-opting my blog for my personal purposes :D but as I said earlier, I ordered in 2 different sizes to see what fit. The 4P fits, is only slightly loose, and the 2P fits, is only slightly close-fitting (they are not lined so you can notice an undy line when not wearing the right ones). In the reviews, a lot of women are saying the pants stretch out with wear. Is this true? I don't want to keep the 4P if it will stretch out, but I don't want to keep the 2P if it will stay forever tight on the bum. Any advice would be much appreciated!

And, my opinion on the quality: normally I slowly accumulate pants from online sales, YOOX, or Barney's Warehouse Sale, but I am in a real jam with nothing that fits! Banana Republic was what I wore in high school, and it seems to have caught on like wildfire, so it seemed a natural go-to. The quality of the pants is ok. Like I said earlier, they arent' lined, but the fabric isn't super flimsy so it's kind of ok. I wouldn't pay full retail for these-- I think $50 is about my max on these. I also got Petite because they are 30" inseams, and I just don't think BR pants are worth the additional $12 to hem at my dry cleaners. The Petite versions are slightly smaller than regular sizes, but I found it fits me really well. The waist-to-hip ratio is just right. I think these will be great day-to-day work pants. FYI - I also got a couple no-iron shirts to try on. Scratchy! Definitely will be returned. Now to figure out which size pants to keep...

I am in dire need of new work pants since shrinking, so I just ordered a ton from Select styles are 30% off, and you can use code "BRSAVE25" to take an additional 25% off, which made most of the pants $40.87! I got 3 pairs each in sizes 2P and 4P, so I hope at least one set fits!

The 30% off pants ends tomorrow, Sunday, Jul 11, but the 25% off code works through Tuesday, Jul 13.


  1. Anonymous7/14/2010

    how are the pants at br? I'm a CK fan, they have great suit pants and skirts. BR is def more pocket friendly.

  2. Anonymous7/15/2010

    I don't know if it's too late as I just saw the post but they stretch out a ton. At least for me. I usually can't wear BR pants but found a great higher waisted stretch version. They got really baggy and looked awful after a day at the office which was a major bummer. But, I was desperate for work pants so it's not a total loss. J.Crew's stretch pants seem to hold up a lot better and have only a slightly higher price point (and look better on me at least). Anyway. Hope they work for you, I'm sure one of the sizes will. Just don't be fooled as they will stretch out a ton.

  3. Ooh, you & I are tiny tiny girls. They do stretch out. I got a pair in 0 and I'm pretty sure they're not a 2. I keep them at work for emergencies with high heels. It's like I intended to go with the slouchy look (when I didn't).

    Have you tried Express for pants? I've also been told that surprisingly, Forever 21 is also a terrific fit for jeans/pants/skirts.

  4. Thank you!! I guess I will keep the 2Ps then and wear them on a 'skinny' day so they will stretch out a bit :)

    I did try on J.Crew pants-- they were hugely unflattering in the rear area :( I had serious 'saggy seat'!! The BR "Martin" fit is kinder since the straight leg is more forgiving on the lack of ass curvature.

    Perry, I'll give Express a look. I haven't shopped there in like, literally 10 yrs. Or more. And dang girl, size 0??? YOU are teeny tiny!

  5. Anonymous7/16/2010

    It sounds like you would fit perfectly in a 2 regular. The petite pants fit differently overall, not just in length.

  6. You are probably right, but I don't want the expense of paying $12/pair for alterations to have the cuff lifted *just* a bit. The shorter inseam allows me to wear lower heels too, which is a nice option, just in case!


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