Thursday, July 8, 2010

Gilt City $100 of Madame Paulette dry cleaning for $50

I have always wanted to use Madame Paulette for my regular dry cleaning, but I thought it was too much of a hassle to make the trip from the West Village. Turns out they deliver!

Right now you can buy a gift certificate for $100 worth of dry cleaning for $50 on Gilt City. Each person can buy a lot, but can only use one. My past experience with Madame Paulette is limited to my wedding gown cleaning... I wore it on one of the very rare days of Sonoran Desert rain, so the hem is slightly muddied, and I also walked down an aisle covered in red rose petals. Bottom line-- it was kind of filthy. The top is a strong corset bodice which can't really be smushed in any way. So after we got back to NYC I sent to dress off to Madame Paulette's for cleaning and preservation. $800 later (yowza!), it looks pretty darn good. So good I could (and kind of want to) sell it.

So cheap it is not, but I've been loathe to send my more expensive Derek Lam and Rachel Roy dresses to my regular cleaner, so this is perfect!

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  1. Gilt City is awesome! has tonsof cool deals!


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