Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Update on BR pants!

For those interested, this is my follow-up post to my original BR pants quandary.

I did keep the 2Ps, which fit like a glove right out of the box. After wearing them to lunch and one day in the office, they have sufficiently stretched out that I don't feel at all self-conscious about tightness across my bum. It's actually got a lot of give now! SO, lesson learned: if it fits like a glove out of the box, it'll be good by dinnertime :) And with these sales-on-sales, I stocked up on pants at $33-40 a pop!

[I feel like this crazy discounting is seriously diminishing their brand image. Am I just out of the loop and BR is no longer aiming to be a competitor to J.Crew / Club Monaco?]


  1. Anonymous7/20/2010

    Congrats on your pants! I'm having the same problem with BR, what level they are at... Recently i've felt their quality doesn't really last. I bought a shirt last summer, but it's faded so bad I can't really wear it anymore. I paid $79, so I would hope it lasts me atleast two summers. Is that asking for too much from BR.

    I've been lucky wearing skirts and dresses this summer not really had to worry about pants, their martin fits are a god send... they fit so well around the bum area!

  2. I think, if they don't keep stretching, these pants could definitely last 2 seasons. I would recommend dry cleaning only (I don't even know if they are washable. Probably not.) The 2 pair of pants I kept were Martin fit, which are awesome. I have some coming in Jackson fit, so we'll see how those work out...

    Again, I wouldn't pay over $50 or 60 for these as you can go on YOOX.com and get Valentino or Jil Sander pants for $150. But I can wear these and not feel bad if I spill coffee on them!

  3. Anonymous7/22/2010

    The thing is I do have everything dry cleaned! With the lifestyle we have it's hard to do your own laundry...
    Any how... BR has done it to me again! I bought a dress from there just yesterday! http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=39292&vid=1&pid=769845
    They had a 40% off and managed to get this dress for just $68... what do you think!??
    The material is perfect for this weather, almost cooling :)

  4. Anonymous7/22/2010

    I was thinking the same thing when I saw major discounts of 30-40% several days in a row. Not good. But I think in general, their brand has been slipping in popularity and the discounts are probably a necessary marketing tool.

  5. I think that dress is super cute! Perfect for the office too, and would look good with flipflops for the commute. $68 is awesome! Good job!!

    Ah, I just remember when BR was exclusive and 'fancy'... Maybe they were once like that, or maybe I just remember them that way as a broke high school student :P

  6. Anonymous7/22/2010

    I knew you'd be proud! ;) I did just that wore flip flops with it this morning!
    Also, just to brag a little... I'm a tiny girl just like you! I ended up buying a size 0!
    Ok enough about me... yea I remember when my mum used to buy clothes from there and it was a "special occasion" blouse haha!


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