Friday, July 16, 2010

Barney's WTH email

I guess I will end this busy week with some Friday hate. Today Barney's email subscribers got a totally random one proclaiming that 'Cle de Peau cream is now online!'. Now, being an avid beauty consumer, a few thoughts popped into my head: 1) This is not even CdP's 'new hotness' Synactif line, 2) Saks and BG have sold CdP online for FOREVER, and 3) beauty totally sucks because they never keep a decent inventory! (I buy all my beauty online at Saks, NM, BG, or Sephora).

So my immediate thought was, LAME! And then I went to have pizza at Keste. Happy Friday!!


  1. Anonymous7/17/2010

    Does Cle de Peau make good daytime and nighttime moisturizer? (excluding that really expensive one you mentioned!) eye cream?

    Do you know of a place that will help you pick the right moisturizer and eye cream for your skin? I've found that at Saks and Barneys, you have to go from counter to counter on your own and try things, and I'm looking for someone to do that work for me!

    I'm allergic to La Mer, so that's out. Love Revive, but then got scared of the EGF (a hormone), especially since I'm pregnant and will be breastfeeding.

    Thanks for your help!

  2. Cle de Peau does make some good things-- they are the 'upper line' of Shiseido - whose products I also love, but I find their products good for really oily skin (the Pure line) or more mature skin. I'm 30 and pretty much everything I use right now is La Prairie. However, that doesn't mean I don't keep an eye on things and get lots of samples! The best eye cream and night cream (I think) are the Chanel Sublimage ones-- which I intend to buy for this winter. Rich, decadent, yet not oily. Second would be La Prairie's new white caviar line. For less expensive, I personally love La Prairie's Revitalizing eye gel, the marine night-time moisturizer, and for day, the anti-aging emulsion with SPF 30. However, I have friends who use Sisley and Dior products and think they are fantastic.

    If you want to talk to people who are really all about skincare and less brand-centric, I would highly suggest visiting Henri Bendel. I've sent a lot of skincare newbies their way, and the sales associates are always great at listening to their needs and suggesting an appropriate skincare line. There's also Space NK which is ALL ABOUT skincare! However, I do suggest Henri Bendel because they also carry Mario Badescu-- a more 'natural' line with less chemicals. This might be really good for when you are breastfeeding. The 'interesting' stuff with platinum or caviar or God knows what usually has a lot of chemicals that go with them.

    Always happy to help! Keep me posted!

  3. Anonymous7/18/2010

    Thanks so much Tina! Never thought of Bendel's. I used Mario Basescu YEARS ago and didn't think of it! I've tried samples of La Prairie and the products seemed good; just wasn't sure about the scent (I like scent-free). I'm only 37, thinking more preventive than anything else. Will check all that out. Thanks again!


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