Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Red Flower soap sale

Red Flower is having a soap sale! So far I have only tried their Hammam lemon-coffee-olive scrub, and I LOVE IT. It's not too oily (like Fresh Brown Sugar scrub), gives a good gritty exfoliation, and lightly colors the skin a darker brown (must be the coffee). And we all know that caffeine helps circulation and thus will decrease cellulite (ok, maybe on a micro-level, but I'll take anything).

I have not tried the soaps myself, but I do like their scents, and along with their cute soap dishes, could make for good hostess, b/day, or Xmas presents. They'll be priced at $6 each or $5 for $25. They also will mail out orders via email or phone.

Classic scents available: North American Lilac, Thai Honeysuckle, Egyptian Chamomile, Chinese Marigold, African Lily, Moroccan Rose, Japanese Peony, French Lavender, Indian Jasmine

What: Red Flower Summer Soap Sale
When: Thursday, Jul 29 - Sunday, Aug 1; Th, F, Su noon - 7PM, S 10AM - 7PM
Where: 13 Prince St (btw Elizabeth/Bowery);


  1. thank you for posting this. I love Red Flower ans will go in to pick up five soaps--including lilac which is unfortunately discontinued. I love their products.

  2. Hi Moya! I had no idea the Lilac was discontinued. My personal favorite scents are the Lavender and Peony :) If you like their soaps, maybe I should give them a try!

  3. Thank you for a good content ,Soap alway good to give as a gift, Special thai herbal soap.


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