Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BluePrintCleanse 15% off

I can honestly say I love BluePrintCleanse . My husband thinks it's bizarre (and he would never do it) but I view it as 3 days of great nutrition. It really is a great way to 'detox' your body! If you're a fan, or interested in trying, they are doing 15% off until tomorrow midnight (Wednesday, Jul 7th) with code "LocalColor". (PS - If you're on the fence: I talked my coworker into trying it 2 months ago, and she was really apprehensive, but she turned out to love it too! Don't be scared :D )


  1. Anonymous7/06/2010

    Is the discount greater when the deal's on Gilt? Should I wait or do you think I should just purchase through the Web site now? Thanks!

  2. Hmm, I don't know. Retail for 3 days is $195, with the discount it'd come to $165.75. Honestly I don't really remember how much the 3-day package is on Gilt, but I don't remember it being *so awesome* that I couldn't let it pass (for instance, I've never gotten it from Gilt, and I buy tons from them...).

    Up to you? I think it's pretty even, within a $5 +/- margin.


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