Friday, June 12, 2009

DKNY boutique sale, Barney's shoe sale report

This morning on my way home from my doctor (who is perfectly situated across from Bally and Tod's and 1 block away from Barney's), I popped into the DKNY boutique to see what I could see. The upstairs has a TON of things on sale! DKNY Jeans (pants, t-shirts, tanks), DKNY Pure (cotton and silk tops, pants, and skirts), and regular DKNY (tops). Discounts are about 40% off.

I also ducked into Barney's to check the shoe sale selection (40% off). There is still tons left, although not all are must-haves. Louboutins, Manolos, Pradas, Zanottis, and even a few Chanels, but the styles are very 'fashion-forward'. Nothing subtle is left, although the Chanels were all gorgeous. This is a MUST if you wear size 5 or 5.5 or even 6-- those shoes are the most unmolested and plentiful. If there's something you like but feel slightly ambivalent about, you can take a gamble and hold out for the additional price cut (probably around 4th of July). Or if you want rock-bottom prices, hold out for the Barney's Warehouse Sale which starts Aug 20!


  1. Anonymous6/13/2009

    I believe the warehouse sale starts Aug 20, not 5.

  2. You're right! I fixed it-- thanks for bringing that to my attention.


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