Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rebecca Minkoff sample sale

Update: The link is not very intuitive, and I think the overwhelming response has caught RM with their pants down. To check out the few bags on deep, deep sale, click here. You can use the links they provided, but you'll need to navigate to 'Handbags'.

Update: as we could have predicted, RM' server is totally f-ed. I have no idea when it will even be back online. Maybe in a couple of hours? Note to retail websites: if you are are a popular brand with a legion of loyal followers, you might try boning up on some bandwidth best-practices or learning from past FAIL case studies (see: Gilt) before jumping onto the online sample sale bandwagon.

I just got an email from Rebecca Minkoff alerting me to their online sample sale which starts tonight, in about 3 hours. So if you are a big fan, don't take too long to eat dinner...

The sale is going through Sunday night, and they'll be adding new styles, but make sure it's what you love- all sales are final.


  1. When i click on the link it goes to RM's page but no link to sample sale. Help!

  2. You will need to navigate to 'Handbags' and search for particular styles which are significantly marked down. I don't think they were very well prepared for the demand!


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