Monday, June 8, 2009

Singapore Airlines fare sale from the US

If you are dreaming of visiting a far-flung romantic destination but only have $1000 in your bank account, dream no more. For travel between now and Nov 30, Singapore Airlines is offering tremendously low airfare from major US departure points (NY, LA, SF, Houston) to cities like Moscow, Hanoi, Bali, and many cities in India for $579-879. And when they say $879 for a flight from JFK to Sydney, they mean it. All taxes are already priced in.

Of course, the low rates are somewhat inconsequential when you consider that you'll be flying on Singapore Airlines, quite likely the best airline in the world, and regularly ranked in the top 3 for service. Trust me, this is no Ryanair-- a first class ticket from JFK to Hong Kong will run you around $12,000. My only complaint is that they've ruined Incanto by Ferragamo for me forever. Every time I even catch a whiff of it, I am reminded of the airplane bathroom. Still, better than urine!


  1. thanks for the post, but there are no more jfk - hong kong flights =(. were there ever any? i know there is a rondtrip SF - HK.

  2. MySpaceToDream, when I took SIA to Hong Kong in the past, I also left from SFO (they booked me on Delta to get me across the country). They don't do a direct flight out of NYC. :(

    Hollywood-- thank you!! :)

  3. Angeline6/08/2009

    tina - "myspacetodream" is me - ang2383 from tpf =P hi =]

  4. Hi Angeline! Good to see you here (and there)!! ;)


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