Monday, June 1, 2009

Fake Fiji water?

I've noticed something over the past couple of weeks that has me pretty concerned. My household goes through something like 12L of Fiji water every week, so we are pretty much 'experts' in the taste of water. Now before I start getting lectures about my huge carbon footprint, let me just assure you that 1) we do this because we live in a brownstone with god-knows-how-old plumbing (and even the pets drink bottled water), and 2) we do pay the 200% premium for the energy in our apt to be 100% wind generated (thanks for the guilt trip, Al Gore).

So, all quibbling aside, I want to ask if anyone else has noticed that someone out there has experienced this rebottling (and re-capping) of Fiji bottles? You'd know it the minute you opened it-- the funky plastic-y smell is overwhelming. I don't know where they get the water for this stuff-- Jersey shore? The tap of a commercial car wash? It's awful though, way worse than NYC water. Last week we bought 8 1.5L bottles from the Morton Williams Associated Super Market on Park Ave S on our way home from dinner, only to get home and find that they were ALL rebottled. By our house, we've only been tricked twice at Charles Food, and not consistently.

Tough times call for creative schemes, I guess, so let the buyer beware!

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  1. Anonymous4/28/2011

    I never thought about anyone rebottling Fiji water because I usually buy it at my local grocery store, but I stopped at the convenience store and bought a small Fiji water. After taking a SIP, it was completely not what I was used too, so I'm assuming there was something wrong. Re examining the bottle, the label is peeled off on almost all the edges and not to mention, it was only a dollar and some odd cents so it came to my senses this was false Fiji water. Disappointing. Where can you report this?


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