Friday, June 26, 2009

Vacation hiatus

My dearest fellow shoppers,

I know there have been very few posts in the past couple days-- I can assure you it is not (totally) slacking on my part-- there is just not a lot going on. This weekend I depart for Seoul, Korea, and, barring any antics on the part of Dear Leader, will be back after the 4th of July. Why am I going to Seoul? Well, the flights were just so cheap. With Singapore Airlines offering a roundtrip fare for only $600 out of SFO, I couldn't say no. I'm not even Korean, and Seoul isn't really near the top of my list, but how often does an offer like that come around? (Answer: not often, as usually the price is around $1000.) And it's Singapore Airlines, which will hopefully not drive me to dig into my emergency stash of Ambien.

So I may post here and there, but it will probably be more personal-- about my experiences shopping and eating in Korea.

Incidentally, there will not be a lot of sample sales going down near/over July 4th, so concentrate your shopping efforts on standard retail outlets: department stores and chains (J.Crew, Banana Republic, H&M, etc). These will probably have great sales over the holiday weekend. If you have the stomach, I would also advise you to check out your outlet mall. It will be madness, but the discounts should make it worth it.

In parting, I wish everyone a safe and happy July 4th!
xoxo, Tina


  1. Tina, let me know if you need any tips on where to shop in korea! I haven't been there in a few years, and you probably have the skinny on all the shopping districts, but just in case... :)

  2. Aww, thank you! I just got in last night, and walking around is quite exciting, and there is LOTS of walking around! It's kind of interesting because I don't feel like this city is very different from NYC (aside from the 100% asian population and the Korean signage).

    When I barter, what price point should I offer? I don't want to insult them-- should my first offer be at 50% of price? 75%?

  3. I think it depends on what you're haggling for, and how much it is. Generally, the pricier the good, the lower your first offer can be. I would probably expect about a 20-30% discount from asking price for most items.

  4. Just found your blog and I LOVE IT!! Added you to Twitter too (greendiva08), so I'll see when you post. Have a wonderful trip. I look forward to some great posss when you return!


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