Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shanghai Tang sale report

I ventured out into the pouring rain to check out the Shanghai Tang private sale. It did not disappoint. Most of the higher-end items were 50% off, which is pretty fair considering this is a 'private sale' and not a 'sample sale' (although the staff used the term 'sample sale' freely).

For 50% off you'll find silk blouses, velvet jackets, silk pants, and silk camisoles, and silk cardigans, all decorated with either a mandarin collar or other Asian accents. Some wool items were also only 50% off, such as the top I got (below). There are also pajama sets available, although size M was sold out.

For more than 50% off (sometimes up to 70% off), you will find cotton shirts (some sparkly t-shirts), wool sweaters, wool cardigans, and a very small selection of cotton tops.

If you like Shanghai Tang bags, there were quite a few on sale against the opposite wall. Small cute clutches that retail at $280 are only half off, but the big bags that were in the $800 range were marked down to $240. In the back room, you'll also find a very small rack of kids clothes.

For men, I saw a lot of pullovers and t-shirts, up on shelves against the wall. The mens' selection is probably 1/2 of the womens'. Prices looked more discounted than 50% for the few things I looked at. There are also cotton button-down shirts in the back room which are on sale for half off.

They are not allowing private/sample sale shoppers to use the dressing rooms, but recommend that you try things on over your clothes in the back area, so either know your size, or wear something relatively tight. From my personal experience, I would say trying it on is key because some things run really small! Overall a very cute sale, and I'm glad I went. I was a little disappointed they didn't have any house stuff or small accessories on sale, though.

Wool blouse $90 (retail $180). Looks funny b/c it's draped over my office chair! The other items in this 'collection' (the cardigan, the chi-pao top, the v-neck tunic) were more deeply discounted (priced $54-64)


  1. Anonymous6/19/2009

    Do you recall if the had any padlock bags or flap bags?

  2. They had bags with the turn-key thing (I'm not sure if that's the 'padlock'). I actually do not recall any flap bags, mostly open-top, either zipper (small clutch with jade accent), totally open (the bigger bags), or the turn-key thing (clutches, shoulder bags). hope this helps!


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