Sunday, February 21, 2010

Arthur's Invitations and Prints 50% off

While walking home from lunch, I noticed a "downsizing sale" going on in a really cute paper shop I like. Since I'm just a fiend for fancy cards and handmade wrapping paper, I decided to pop in and have a look. My little detour resulted in me spending almost an hour wandering the aisles, examining the shelves for all sorts of treasures. I made off with lots of gift tags, a box of blank cards, and 3 boxes of gorgeous letterpress fill-in-yourself Bridal Shower cards and 3 boxes of fill-in-yourself bridal cards for a bachelorette party (I have maid-of-honor duties coming up). I saved so much money, since everything was 50% off (well, everything except for custom printing or Moleskine stuff).

They assured me they were not going out of business, but needed to clear out some room for renovations. I didn't even spare a look at the single-sheet wrapping paper or individual cards because I spent so long there already! But they really have a full stock of cute cards for all occasions, albums, notepads, pens, and gift bags/tags/boxes.

What: Arthur's Invitations and Prints downsizing sale
When: ongoing
Where: 13 E 13th St; 212-807-6502

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