Wednesday, February 10, 2010 designer womens sale is effectively 48% off keeps upping the ante, causing me to crack (oh how resolute I was!) and order a pair of Casadei pumps which will come to a rockin' total of $135 after all the dust is settled. In addition to the 30% cashback, themselves are doing 25% off select designer sale shoes. This would be anything I'm interested in anyway like Giuseppe Zanotti, Alessandre Dell'Acqua, Roberto Cavalli, Bally, Missoni, Georgina Goodman, Casadei, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and some Tier 2 labels like Stuart Weitzman and Donald Pliner. PLUS they give us free 2-day shipping (and return, just in case). It's a total no-brainer.

How to get your 48% off:
1. Get to via by searching for "SHOES"
2. Search for "DSGNR25"
3. Deliberate over which ones you like, just don't take too long as stock looks low

4. Heart racing, checkout to see your immediate 25% discount
5. Sign-in to your to get your 30% cashback
6. Feel immense satisfaction at getting the shoe you want for a small fraction of the retail price (for me, 24% of retail!)


  1. SpringLily2/11/2010

    thank you for the tips! great savings. :)

  2. You're welcome! I was so excited to discover this little double-dipping bonus! :D

  3. SpringLily2/11/2010

    I just realized the 25% applies to men's and bags as well. more shopping to do...


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