Saturday, February 13, 2010

Barney's Warehouse Sale report, weekend one

I made my pilgrimage to BWS yesterday afternoon and waltzed right in-- no line at 3PM on a Friday. They've totally reorganized the sale-- it's now by designer. This makes it infinitely easier to look for what you want, and I really love it.

I was amazed by how much Lanvin they have, and the wide variety of pieces. There were big cardigans, gorgeous delicate tulle dresses, and also some truly sad abused items, like a beautiful satin dress that was unraveling faster than Britney Spears. If you like Lanvin denim, they have a full rack of jeans with a grosgrain ribbon waist priced at ~$250.

There are also some fun coats available, including this ridiculously heavy brown Prada-meets-the-Trinity-from-Matrix concoction priced down to $1500 from $4000+. There were a couple of Lanvin overcoats, and some beautiful trenches from Luciano Barbera in US size 10-12. In the back left, there are racks of unsorted dresses, tops, and pants by size. If you're looking for a pair of pants, I'd recommend having a look through the racks because there are still good labels mixed in.

The shoes (at 3PM) were a disaster. The only Louboutins I found were dirty white satin ones. There weren't many Manolos either. I did see some Balenciaga suede booties which were really cute (~$450), and some Lanvin sandals I thought about for a long time ($434). If you're going for shoes, I'd go first thing in the morning when the display is pristine.

Overall, I'd agree with Riri's observation that lots of the goods look old. The shoes didn't strike me as super dated, but the price tags on the clothes had lots of markdowns scratched all over them. I found this super cute Lanvin satin tiered t-shirt dress for $314 (retail $1,049), but at size L, I had to leave it on the rack :( P.S. if you wear a size 52 or 54 in women's pants, there are a lot of Prada pairs just waiting for you at $111 each.

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