Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Early access to SpaFinder $50 deals via Mintbox

Update: So, it went live at 1PM, and being a Manhattanite, I have to say I am underwhelmed. 35 participating spas in all of Manhattan? That's it?? I was excited to see that my gym was listed (the Equinox on Greenwich Ave), but when I called their spa, they told me they weren't doing it. Total boo!!! I also hate that they don't actually list what's available-- it's like doing door-to-door cold calls. Horrible. I guess I'll just wait for SpaWeek. (But, if you like foot massages and relaxation time, you should probably check on the Yelo deal.) Oh wait, it looks like they are adding in the actual services! Hmm, maybe I'll have another look.

I looooove
SpaWeek. I won't lie, I abuse it as much as I can, and for the next one in April I'm hoping to squeeze in a microderm on Monday, a bodywrap on Wednesday, and a facial on Friday.

When it comes to the SpaFinder $50 Deal Days, though, I'm a total newbie. I have no idea if it's as good as SpaWeek, but I am *definitely* willing to give it a shot (esp since it's during March, and I'd rather not wait until April for a facial). The SpaFinder $50 Deal Days 'go live' Friday, but Mintbox is giving members early access to booking!

Starting today (not sure what time), log in and see what's available ahead of the crowd. If you aren't a member of Mintbox, you can join with code "AAMB5". I like the concept of Mintbox, which different from all these flash sales sites, taking a route which allows for cashback on purchases from certain vendors, as well as early access to special deals!


  1. Fashionista!3/09/2010

    Hey Lady! Did you try this yet!? I am totally calling one of the Salon's by my office... 42nd Street! Thing is I can't figure out if I missed it already, it just says this week only... any ideas!?

    (Sorry I've been MIA, was in Hawaii on vaca)!

  2. Hello! I did book a $50 facial for this Friday at Beauty Jewel near my house. (Never been there before)

    The $50 specials are for this wk only, so good luck getting an appt!!

    Hehe, I've been slow on posting b/c I've been in Austin/Philadephia these past 2 weekends. Nowhere near as glam as Hawaii :P

  3. Fashionista!3/10/2010

    Aaaah! It's actually rather difficult to get an appointment now... I am going to try a few places by my home on the UES... fingers crossed!

    Yea we have some friends there so it was on the cheaper side of things! Beaches were so awesome :)

    It's warming up here now too though! Better get back to gyming so I can show off some summer dresses... can't wait! ;)


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