Monday, February 22, 2010 end-of-winter sale... 80% off

Update: I got my $32 Rogan pants, and they are really nice. They came with all tags, so I googled the style (Ancon pant), and found this. I am duly impressed. Retail $336, light-weight wool, and the quality really shows. Perfect for my office job!

Update: I just wanted to add that these women's wide-leg Rogan dress pants are $32 (reg. $160). This is like a no-brainer, and there are other M Missoni items that are dirt cheap.
Hurry to and
see what you can score for 80% off during their end-of-winter sale. Bear in mind that they are also doing free shipping right now too! Sale ends Monday, Mar 1, but free shipping ends Monday, Feb 22.

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