Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Daily Candy Deals on flowers, skincare, and laundry detergent

Daily Candy unleashed some great deals today.

My local West Village flower boutique Ovando is discounting arrangements Lush Garden, L’Amour, Rose Hedge, and Laced Orchid at 25% off with code "DCANDY" (P.S. boys, allegedly Gisele [you know the one] gets her flowers from here)
My favorites are L'Amour and Rose Hedge, and not the small arrangements either. (Those are probably only half a dozen roses). I like the concept of Lush Garden, but I can't imagine strawberries looking/smelling very nice after a couple days.

Blow off that dry winterized skin with DDF Skincare 25% off with code "DDFDC10". It's too bad they discontinued making RMX. I thought it was a miracle cream.

Method laundry supplies 35% off with code "CLEANLAUNDRY"

Eboost, the daily multi-vitamin water supplement (like Airborne) is 30% off with code "DC2010"

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