Friday, April 30, 2010 10% off

I admit, I'm a bar soap girl. The shower gels, although lovely smelling, just take up too much time-- like my showers aren't long enough! It's gotten progressively harder and harder to find my fav quadruple-milled goat's milk soap with almonds and honey (by Mudlark), and just when I found a substitution in Remede, they went and discontinued their body bars.

Enter Beekman 1802, a natural goat's milk soap that is fast becoming my new favorite (and a favorite of Martha Stewart). Made in NY, you can find it at some small boutiques or my fav mass-market 'boutique' Anthropologie.

With a different scent for every month, I'm quite keen to try them all. So far I've only tried the lavender scent (August) which is really lovely. To solve my problem, I just purchased the limited edition "A Year in the Country" gift set for myself, which is one soap from every month. At $70, it's a very economical way to test them out! (all the soaps are full-size, and you have to figure that 1 soap is $6.25, so it's a $5 savings) It's also only available until Monday, May 10th.

Please note that they are not able to ship anything out until May 9th b/c they are moving offices. However, to offset this minor inconvenience, we can use code "FRIENDS" for 10% off for the rest of the year on everything. Shipping is quite pricey, though, so be warned. I realize my case of soap is probably quite heavy, but $17 seems like a bit much!

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