Tuesday, April 20, 2010

theOutnet free shipping until May 19

To make amends for their Birthday sale/disaster (depending on who you talk to), theOutnet.com has a free shipping code that is good until Wednesday, May 19. Use code "FreeShipBday" as often as you'd like. Perfect timing for the Herve Leger sale tomorrow!


  1. disaster for me I had barely gotten out of bed and the sale was closed ¿did you managed to enjoy the sale?

  2. Nope! Slept through the entire thing! I feel like the ones who got lucky were either those who stayed up all night waiting or woke up really early in anticipation... which, I can't really begrudge even though I was kind of angry I missed it.

  3. I'm not happy to admit, but I slept next to my blackberry with the alert on, thinking I would wake up to the email. I woke up at 5:00AM and everything except one pair of pants (not in my size) was sold out. But it sold out before I logged of. I was livid. At least give people a chance! And to top it off, there wasn't even any merchandise to chose from to start with:

    2 pages of clothes
    1 page of accessories
    3 pages of shoes.

    that's nothing! And they say sorry by offering free shipping!? WTF. They can do a little better than that.

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