Saturday, April 17, 2010

REMINDER: Gilt Groupe Soho sample sale is TODAY!

If you are good little fan-girl/boy, you'll have this date already marked on your calendar. But just in case, I'll remind you :)

1. Make sure you go during the timeframe listed on your ticket-- it seems like they will be very strict on that.
2. Also, bring ID because they will probably check to make sure you didn't just photocopy someone else's invite.

3. Aaand, make sure you know where to go! I'm not going to write it here because if you don't know, then you obviously weren't invited. No gatecrashers!


  1. Anonymous4/17/2010

    How do you get an invite for these things? I've been on gilt for the longest time ever.

  2. I luckily just spotted the tickets as being available (kind of random). I don't know why I could see it on the front page and others cannot. Perhaps I spend a certain amount with them? No idea.

  3. I went today and I met the head of the men's group and he told me Gilt has 2.5 million members (obviously not all active all the time) and only 5000 of their "best" members were invited and they only had 1000 tickets available to the sale.

  4. Wow, I feel really special then! I'm sure, though, that the invites only showed to 5000 of their 'best' clients with Manhattan zip codes, which would be significantly less than even half of 2.5M members.

    Although I bought a ticket, I didn't make it-- how was it?

  5. Well overall I was happy! I was the last time slot for the day 4-6 so there wasn't that much left (no shoes or accessories) but everything was 50% off since we were the last group (yippee!). Tons of Zac Posen stuff from $200-$300 (so $100 - $150 after 50% off) and a lot Vera Wang. I saw some Valentino, Missoni and then bunch of random stuff i.e. Moschino, Kors

    I scored a cute knit Zac Posten sun dress for $125, a ZP bandage dress for $140, a ZP silk top for $75 and my FAVORITE score was a paper leather Helmut Lang skirt for $100.

    They were also dumping all the linens at the end of the day $10 for all Vera Wang sheets and $25 for all blankets/coverlets etc.

    Overall I was happy but after being there I wouldn't have been super disappointed if I had missed it - so don't beat yourself up for not going.


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