Thursday, April 29, 2010

Manolo sample sale - did you go?

Work decided to rain on my parade and schedule consecutive conference calls until 11:30PM, and then a 1PM team lunch. I didn't even bother to squeeze in a trip to the sale, and I am very sad!!

Did anyone go? Was it good?? And more importantly, what did you score?!

Another thing I realized... NYMag TheCut reported that ALT is at every Manolo sale, and I am 99.999% positive I saw him at last Spring's sale. I remember I stared at him for a looong time, wondering why the hell ALT would be sitting around at a Manolo sample sale. I couldn't tell if it was really him because he was kind of dressed down-- no LV cape or anything flashy. He was dressed in mostly black, just sitting in a chair off to the side behind the register. (He certainly wasn't out and about, helping women buy shoes) So now I feel somewhat vindicated for hardcore eyeballing him last year.


  1. Just got back. It was actually pretty civilized. Got lettered tickets (I was J) and didn't actually have to stay there. Went to a few other sales instead :) They let in the public way before 11am, somewhere around 9:30. They would let in a new group/letter every 10-20 min. I think I got in around 10:30am, after getting there just an hour earlier to get the ticket.

    As for the shoes, there was a lot to choose from or at least it seemed that way. I'm not a big Manolo fan, so I wouldn't be able to tell how good the selection was, but people seemed to love them. Didn't think I'll actually buy anything, but found the Ligaro Hiking booties ( in my size and they looked too good not to buy them. ALT was there; I think has pictures of him and a pretty good summary of the sale.

    Sorry you couldn't go :(

  2. Anonymous4/29/2010

    OMG.. sorry you couldnt go!!! =(

    I got there at 10:30 and out with three shoes at 1:30. It was actually not as crazy as I expected. But there were very limited 8 and 8.5 sizes.

  3. Rux - those shoes are so much fun!!! I love them!

    I'm so happy to hear it was civilized :) Doubly sad I couldn't make it. If only I had a 2.5+ hr window, I would have been there. But with only 1.5 hr, I was pretty sure I would have only gotten in then had to leave!

    But thank you for sharing!! It makes me happy :) Keep it coming and send photos!

  4. Anonymous4/29/2010

    I got there at 11:10 & was warned that it was a 2 hr wait. It's nice that you could take a number & then leave & come back. I had a nice leisurely lunch & then came back to the waiting room. Gotta give props to the ladies organizing the sale. One of the girls kept giving us updates like, "Size 39s are running low," etc.

    By the time they called my number, there where hardly any 38s left. Lots of shoes were on the wrong tables. So I just went to every table & dug thru them.

    I did see ALT sitting next to the register. He was telling women, "Put those down. You don't need them! Get those! You can't live without them!"

    I ended up getting some suede mules in mint with a gold buckle. My friend (size 40) did better. She got some pony skin flats, brown suede boots, cream colored slingbacks, and black satin sandals with a rhinestone detail.

  5. OMG that is hilarious!!! I wonder if the women followed ALT's advice... Thank you for sharing :) Your mint suede shoes sound really perfect for a summer brunch! And your friend really made out!! O.o

  6. I bought five pairs - I had been warned that there was "nothing left" in my size before going in (I was in group J), but i just dug through all of the other tables and found plenty that had strayed from the 38/38.5 tables.

    Best buy: the Coddila in teal, which i paid $100 for, then saw on sale in the Manolo boutique (and online at Barneys) for $895. !!!!!!!,default,pd.html

    They look VERY lightly worn (perhaps for a photo shoot or something, you couldn't tell unless you really look closely), but getting a current season's shoe for 1/9 of the cost is amazing!!!

    Sorry you missed it, but there will be more... :)

  7. ^ Those are RIDICULOUS!!! You did awesome!!! Love! :)

  8. I bought 2 pairs, simple red pumps and flashy satin strappy purple and lime green sandals. love to the love. I wear an 9 normally and bought 40s and a 41 which i don't know how those fit but they did! Love the $100 each selection. Saw ATL sitting by the register but he wasnt really talking while I was there... Sorry you couldnt go!!

  9. Those sound awesome. Red pumps are such a MUST! And for $100!!


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