Friday, April 30, 2010

Secret Louboutins on

Doing a search for "Louboutin" on yields but few results. I don't know why they aren't all showing, but here are some that you generally can't find by search. I found these because I was bored.

Red satin d'orsays $455, size 36, 41

Yellow patent platform slingbacks $385, size 35.5

Gold ankle-wrap sandals $590, size 38.5, 41

Platform sandals $920, black size 40, beige size 36, 41

Ankle-wrap espadrilles, size 35 in dark brown and ivory

Black satin d'orsay $770, size 39, 41

Blue suede peep-toe cork platform heels $650, size 38.5, 40

Laminated envelope clutch in gold or bronze $590


  1. Anonymous4/30/2010

    What does that mean "I found these because I was bored"

    What does that mean? What strategy? A search on random words?

  2. Haha, sorry, I meant I found them and posted them because I was bored.

    I used to be able to find these 'secret' shoes (like a pair of Manolos!) by searching for them on and then filtering the search results to a specific store (YOOX). That doesn't work anymore, and I'm not sure why. It was my best trick to sort through all 5 million pages of sale merchandise. :(

    Now, though, Google has a new search-app called Products ( It searches stores for items, so when you type in Louboutin, it pulls up stores with that item. I don't know how this differs from shopping, but it does... So you can search for things like "Louboutin clutch", and voila, you see it's somehow available on YOOX, even though there's like, no other way to find it. I suspect it may be on the European-version of YOOX which we can't see.

    Full disclaimer, though, as a YOOX advertiser I have the ability to see every product they have in their system, and the Google Products find triggered me to look. I never even thought of looking for Louboutins in their system b/c I always figured, if I can't see it while searching, it's not there... So I dug out all the Louboutin items and posted the ones that aren't sold out.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Anonymous5/02/2010

    Thanks Great advise I will try that. Speaking of Yoox. I'm still buying from their Sample Sale which supposedly ended a week or two ago. The link below is not listed on the website but it's still in my browser.


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