Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Neiman Marcus gift card event

Update: apparently I don't know how to read a calendar. It ends today (not yesterday)!

I must have missed this over the weekend. Ending today, Neiman Marcus is doing a spend $X get a $Y giftcard. The bonus is, if you buy something from Apparel AND something from shoes or handbags, you get $Y*2! Sooo, being the naughty girl I am, I got a pair of Loubs and a Hanro bra, broke the $750 barrier with apparel and shoes, and now have a $200 gift card headed my way!

Use code "BET2GET" for the double giftcard promo and "NMSHOP" for free shipping!


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  2. Loubs?! Which pair? So jealous, I'm saving my money for a pair of Manolos. Are you still going to go to that?

  3. Yes! I am definitely still going to the Manolo sale, although I have much trepidation due to the press.

    I'm a classic shoe girl, which are the ones that never go on sale and are always out of my size online, so I sprung for these (http://bit.ly/dorvEX). I think they should be the Declic style although it doesn't say. Hmm, they might be Rolando. I fell in love with the look when Sienna Miller wore them on the Conan O'Brien show to promote GI Joe, although hers were patent-- the style is just SO elegant. So I've been dreaming about them for months, and I finally broke down.

  4. I'm terrified too because I remember all the girls who show up for the ANTM auditions and the catfights that broke out a year or two ago. ALT doesn't really need to be there. And totally agree, classic is the way to go; the shoes you picked are TO DIE FOR!


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