Thursday, April 22, 2010

Manolo sample sale

I suppose it's the new standard that the 'secret' Manolo sample sale will now and forever be open to everyone with plenty of notice. I can't say I'm happy about it, but I suppose I ranted and raved enough in November that I can give up the ghost and get on with it. I wonder what corporate HQ thinks about it.

So, here are the details, as released by Madison Avenue Spy (and subsequently picked up by
What: Manolo Blahnik sample sale
When: Thursday, Apr 29
Where: The Warwick Hotel, 65 W 54th St (@ 6th Ave); don't bother calling, they will pretend they have no clue what you're talking about

What you should do:
1. Block off 10:30-2PM on your Outlook calendar. Dr. Blahnik will be seeing you then.
2. Start accumulating piles of cash. This is a cash-only party. No exceptions.
3. Know your size. Manolos are the definition of consistency, so if you wear 36.5 in one pair, you wear 36.5 in all styles. Unlike *cough cough* CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN.
4. Get there early. I guess you could be one of the crazies that lines up at 7AM in the rain, but if you have a job, or you are just not THAT enthusiastic, I'd show up around 10:30. Traditionally they don't let the public in until about noon anyway.
5. Don't wear Manolos to the sale. Chances are while you're trying on a gorgeous pair of slippers, someone else will try to buy yours.
6. Play nice. Even though it's a landgrab, don't forget your manners. It's a very tense environment with many anxious and high-strung women. We don't want to set off this powder keg.
7. Don't horde. Unless you are really prepared to buy 10 pairs of shoes, please don't keep 10 pairs of shoes in the corner.
8. Make rational decisions as you go. If you have a pair of "maybe" heels in your hand that you're really only buying them because they are $100, you should rethink. There are always other sales and better ways to spend $100.
9. Eat before you go. Because it could be a long wait.
10. Be nimble and agile. Leave everything you can. Babies, bags, reluctant significant others-- you don't need them here.

Good luck!! Maybe I will see you there :)


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  3. I think this will be the first year I'll try and go to this sale. Thanks so much for the advice. I'm packing a bag with granola bars and water as we speak.

  4. Oh! Do you know if they'll be stocking half sizes?

  5. Hi Perry, hope to see you there then! Yes, I wear 36.5, and they DEFINITELY carry half sizes :)

  6. Anonymous4/25/2010

    I was put on the "list" and can confirm that it starts at 9

  7. I'm so envious-- lucky you :) Thanks for the confirm! Good luck-- I hope they have a good selection this year!!


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