Friday, April 16, 2010

REMINDER:'s $1 birthday sale is TOMORROW!!

Update: It's over! It happened this morning at 6:45 and plenty of women were standing by to grab some really delicious goodies (including a ~$2000 Miu Miu dress that is gorgeous!). Unfortunately I was sleeping and missed out! Congrats to all of you who either stayed up or woke up early enough to get something!!

Remember to keep a close eye on your email tomorrow!! No one (well, except the staff, of course) knows when's $1 birthday sale will launch, but when it does, expect furious shopping all over the country.

They shared a few helpful tips for us to bear in mind:
1. The deal!
You can only buy one item, so focus and keep your shopping cool!
2. Just buy it!
Items in your shopping bag are not yours until your payment is confirmed. Everything will sell fast!
3. Come prepared!
Know your sizes in advance. Editors Note: Yes, esp the difference between French and Italian sizing.
4. Avoid sold-out rage!
Shop by size filter and we’ll only show you what’s still available. Editors Note: I have sooo been there!! Haha!
5. Check out fast!
Our system will remember all your billing and shipping addresses. Fact! Sign in to your account to check your details now.

So, bearing this in mind, do go make sure your addresses are pre-populated, and good luck to everyone!!


  1. Anonymous4/16/2010

    I got their sale email at 6:45am est. When I saw it at 7:45am est and clicked through to the site it said that the $1 sale had ended. Seriously?!?!

  2. Same here. I think this was all hype to get people to register. I can't imagine they had much stock and it looks like it was barely open for more than a few minutes. I had the impression this was an all day affair.

  3. Fashionista!4/16/2010

    No way!!! The same thing happened to me... not cool people, I was seriously looking forward to it :'(

  4. I agree! I was not up that early, and am very sad I missed it!! I wonder how long it lasted? It must have been ravaged.

  5. Anonymous4/16/2010

    Ha, tell me about it!
    I don't think I've ever encountered as many error messages in years of using the internet as I did today.
    It's a pity, there were so many great items, but I guess I have no one but myself to blame for getting my hopes up in the first place. That being said, the US sale seemed/seems to be going much smoother than the european one.

  6. Anonymous4/16/2010

    What a SCAM!

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