Tuesday, April 20, 2010

YOOX.com online sample sale LAST DAY

Just in case you have not gotten your fill of some really really good deals, here's a PSA to let you know that the YOOX.com 90% off sample sale ends today. Also, not sure if it still works, but use code "ENJOYDESIGN" for free shipping. Personally, I need this sale to end because I keep buying stuff, and all this anxiety of waiting for my Italian shipments to get in is causing me some stress (damn volcano!).



  1. Anonymous4/20/2010

    I know exactly what you're talking about...although I thought Yoox US was based in New Jersey and thus shipped from there? Anyways, I hope your shipments arrive soon. ;-)
    I would've loved to order something from the US sample sale, alas I'm in Europe and I think there are shipping restrictions.

  2. Haha :) I'm glad (sorry?) to hear we share the same pain! Most of my YOOX purchases do come from the US warehouse, but occasionally something comes directly from Italy. The order I'm waiting for includes some Valentino and Alessandro d'ell Acqua pants, so perhaps that's the hold up.

    I actually had no idea YOOX had a US sale and a European sale. If I can order things coming from Italy, I wonder why you couldn't ask them to send it back to you on the continent :)

  3. Anonymous4/20/2010

    You're right about that, I should definitely send a query, especially because there are vast price differences and the US sample sale had/has a much more diverse line up.
    Fortunately my two shipments have arrived without any delays or problems, but I have a very hard time resisting and restraining myself from buying more! :-P

  4. Yes, I would enquire, especially if the US sale has more good stuff! However, I look at the prices of the US designer items (like Catherine Malandrino, Marc Jacobs, Diane von Furstenberg, etc, and I feel the 'sale' prices aren't as great as you can find from US HQed boutiques. I think for those brands you're better off shopping the sales at sites that ship internationally, like ShopBop.

  5. Anonymous4/20/2010

    Thanks for the advice. I really love your site by the way and appreciate all the effort and hard work that no doubt goes into it. :-)
    I will inquire, but it's probably too late this time around. Well, there will always be the next sample sale.

  6. :) Thank you for your kind words! Yes, this is truly a labor of love! It's also a product of realizing that *shouldn't* buy all the good deals I see, so to make myself feel better, I share them with others! Haha.

    The next YOOX sample sale will be in October-ish, so we have a bit of time to let our credit cards cool down :D

  7. Anonymous4/23/2010

    Alert: Yoox removed the Sample Sale but if you have any of the sample sale pages in your browser history you can still access. I would supply but on iPhone.

    I went in yesterday and bought some items. I receive an automated order confirmation. I hope it works.

    Also not all orders are delayed by volcano. I ordered on the 20th and received on 22nd so good luck! - Deme


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