Tuesday, April 6, 2010

ShopBop sale up to 70% off

Finally! A ShopBop sale!!


  1. Fashionista!4/06/2010

    These are so cute!!

    I'm starting to really like Kathryn Amberleigh, she has good taste and fashion sense.

  2. Super cute! Are they comfortable? I'm not familiar with her designs at all-- maybe it's time to start ;)

  3. Fashionista!4/06/2010

    They're pretty comfortable, I've actually only worn them once!

    I only got to know of her through a friend, her store is near spring st, it's a cute place. I also read that she's marketing her stuff in Japan.. that's pretty cool too :)

    I actually need to get a pair of office shoes, do you recommend any brands?

  4. It's funny how some designers try the Asia market first and are way way more successful there than in the US. Like Vivienne Westwood or Vanessa Bruno. I will definitely keep an eye out for her stuff.

    Work shoes, I guess it depends on a couple of factors, like, how formal is your office, and more importantly, will you wear the shoes out your front door or change at your desk? Personally, I usually don't wear my super-flashy/nice shoes to work (i.e. Loubs, Manolo, etc) because 1) I don't really walk in them (commute), and 2) I want my boss to think I still need raises :)

    I usually wear Prada Sport, Botkier, Ralph Lauren, and a lot of Tahari which I find on clearance at DSW. I have stashed some black Casadei stilettos under my desk, though, for when I need something nicer :)

  5. Fashionista!4/07/2010

    Haha that does make sense. Those are great reasons not to wear shoes that are too nice to work.

    I commute in different shoes and change at work. (is it a fashion sin to wear sneakers)!?
    I'll check out DSW too thanks!


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